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Call Zero, Crete, Greece

This work draws on the darkness that exists within the light. In the 2022 World Press Freedom report, Greece fell 38 places in just one year placing it at 104 in the world, making it’s Press Freedom and Transparency the lowest of any EU country. To provide a comparison; Ireland sits at number at 6 in the same report.

This art installation is composed of shredded images of street protests in Greece carried out over the last year. Sitting alongside it is shredded colours from The Free Speech Flag (a symbol of personal liberty) designed by artist John Marcotte in 2007. The ‘shredding’ was a very considered action in the process of making this work,
The individual shredded forms are inspired by the famous historic bakery in Rethymno of George Chatziparasxos where shredded filo is built in piles for Baklava.

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