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With a Masters in Socially Engaged Art (NCAD) and an Hons BA in Fine Art (NCAD) Phi Convey's art practice investigates connection and engagement with our local environments and daily surroundings. She explores the emotional, psychological and physical impacts that personal habitat play: How a space can make us feel safe and secure whilst simultaneously intimidate and scare us. The notion that we can experience contrasting and opposing emotional experiences within the same environment intrigue me. This propels my search for 'story' which I tell through mixed media of our personal and collective encounters with space. I am particularly drawn to  inconspicuous and unapparent spaces. Phi likes to work with materials and liquids that have obscure and unique properties, at times bringing the murky into the light or blending opposing fluids and liquids to create a new composition

Phionna 2.jpg
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